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   Violations Reporting    Reporting Guidelines        Reporting range: "Integrity reporting" is only limited to employees of Konxi Holdings who have obeyed "Professional Norms of Konxi Holdings" and other related complaints.    Reporting responsibilities:    1. All the informers should observe national laws and regulations and must not harm others legal interests.    2. All the reporting should be objective and fair and must not fabricate or misrepresent information. No frame-up is allowed.    Important tips:    1. We encourage real-name reporting and we promise to keep reporting information classified and give timely feedbacks.    2. Informers should narrate the detailed information and the name, address, interested parties of the reporting objects and provide the evidences and related materials of how the interests of the related party are harmed.    Reporting methods:    Email:    Tel: +86-(0)571-56665881    Address: 16F, Chengfa World, No. 9 Guyun Road, Gongshu District, Hangzhou    ZIP: 310000